For Uncovering Oklahoma, I did a Crossover Crawl with the WAFTI Show and Naked City OKC on a Pub Crawl in the Uptown 23rd District. We started the drinking at Chick-N-Beer, then made a visit to The Pump, followed up the district’s newest bar, Bunker Club, and ended at Rockford Cocktail Den.

This video is a travel montage, showcasing the feel and vibe of each of the places and of our pub crawl itself. For this collaboration project, the WAFTI Show did a podcast where they interview and talk about each of the bars (Episode 127 – Crossover Crawl) while Naked City OKC shared live video/photos of the crawl on social media. During the crawl, at Bunker Club, we ran into with the duo behind Grounded Sounds along with some reporters from The Oklahoman.

A shout to all of the places for hosting us and my supporters on Patreon. We hope you enjoyed our collaborative project on Uptown 23rd. If the video and podcast performs well, I’m open to doing another at a different area. I had fun doing this crawl and I have some ideas to do better for the next one.