No longer an obsolete form of entertainment, the viral trend of table games is officially sweeping down the plains. However, The Boarding House Game Lounge in downtown Guthrie is taking the movement a step further. Along with the hundreds of popular game titles and the snack and beverage choices typical of table game cafes, The Boarding House has created an eclectic oasis of cozy lounge areas, interesting art, and other creative touches to form a truly unique atmosphere.

Housed at 124 West Oklahoma Avenue in the heart of historic downtown Guthrie, The Boarding House is one of the key new businesses helping Guthrie make an economic resurgence. Greeting guests at the door is a large stage to the left, which is used for live music events such as their Fusion Friday nights, as well as for events. Most of the east wall is covered with shelves of every game imaginable, and over at the bar is a wide range of snacks and drinks including real-ingredient frappes and pizzas. Upstairs in the mezzanine level amidst the low ceiling, exposed brick walls, and vinyl-and-book store, is more seating and eclectic fixtures—a favorite haunt of RPG gamers playing Dungeons & Dragons. Back downstairs, peppered between the mismatched tables and comfortable lounge furniture, are homey touches like potted plants, vintage lamps, and—of course—more games.

The Boarding House’s game library currently boasts over 375 titles. Board, card, and dice games as well as vintage, classic titles, and new releases are all available for a small daily fee.

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