CHAOS is a maker space that encourages adults and children to Free Play. Once signed-in you’ll get to choose from an array of recycled electronics to take apart or put back together; while sitting at the Explore Bar you can just tinker. There’s also an area for building stuff with recycled materials where you’ll be able to create whatever.

In addition to being able to create whatever, visitors can destroy whatever in CHAOS’ outdoor area.

Smashing objects at CHAOS - photo by Dennis Spielman

CHAOS is located in the Iron Works District next to Oklahoma City’s Midtown District.

There are several things that I personally love about CHAOS. The first is that they have adult only nights so couples can have a fun date night experience playing together at a unique place. Another is that you can destroy things too and that’s a new concept to the area. I’ve seen videos features places where you could break things, but they were in cities like LA, so it’s wonderful to see the concept locally.

Go check them out!