OSO in the Paseo Arts District is a taco shop with different tacos and cocktails than you’re going to find anywhere else in Oklahoma City. It’s nice enough to enjoy for a casual date night or drop by for lunch in your yoga outfit.

In this Uncovering Oklahoma interview, Chris McKenna, Executive Chef at OSO on Paseo; and Kindt Steven Myers, Director of Hospitality for Humankind Hospitality, discuss what you can enjoy at OSO.

My wife and I recently had a conversation about how no one in the city made cocktails out of coconuts or pineapples and we were both excited to learn that OSO does. It’s nice to see someone doing it!

Worked late yesterday to get this video done. Been busy with freelance work lately, which has been great. I’m still a long way from doing the live studio setup. Tomorrow, I’m filming a tour of the 2019 ArtNow show at Oklahoma Contemporary, which I’ll edit later that evening so I can share it Friday. Friday I’ll be at Creative Mornings, a Factory Obscura press event, interview for the new art exhibit at Oklahoma Science Museum, and taking photos for my holiday gift guides, which I’ll be releasing starting next week. Not sure what I’m doing Saturday just yet, but Sunday at some point we’ll be recording the season finale of Tales Unveiled.

In December, filming for Uncovering Oklahoma becomes difficult because of the holidays as everybody is typically too busy to be interviewed. I’ll be focusing on editing two feature documentaries of mine and writing for my books, which I have three that I’ve been bouncing between (they are connected with each other).

That’s what’s going on!