In preparation for National Chili Day next week, I visited three restaurants in the Oklahoma City metro that serve bowls of chili as part of their regular menu. For this story, I traveled to Flint in Downtown Oklahoma City for their Bison Chili, The Red Cup in OKC for their vegetarian chili, and The Diner in Downtown Norman for their Championship Chili. The chili featured from each place is completely different from each other. Not only do all of these venues offer bowls of chili, but they also feature it on other menu items such as burgers.

National Chili Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in February, which will be on February 28th for 2019.

Be sure to read the full story at Uncovering Oklahoma for more information about these places, including some recommendations to other places.

I’m planning on doing more themed videos in the future for Uncovering Oklahoma. It gives me a chance to feature older, more established places and to revisit places I haven’t been to in a while. After all, just because a place has been around, doesn’t mean that it’s not new to someone else. As for future themes, National Corn Dog Day is coming up next month…