Capitalizing on Oklahoma’s rich agriculture, Chef and Owner, Russ Johnson, opened Ludivine in Oklahoma City’s Midtown District after working in another state at a farm-to-table restaurant. In this Uncovering Oklahoma interview, Russ Johnson and Zack Carol talk about how Ludivine is for everyone and how their new location has helped them expand their offerings.

Last week, I was invited to a media lunch to preview their new lunch menu, which was something they weren’t able to do in their previous location. We sampled pretty much their entire menu, cutting up bites from each dish. Their wagyu burger was my personal favorite, but I liked everything I tried.

Back in 2013, I did a story on Ludivine for Uncovering Oklahoma, which I’ve included above. I’ve been doing quite a few updated stories lately, but there are a bunch of new places I’m trying to get stories with and I’m just waiting for them to respond.