Sam and Geoff travel to see Teri French, founder of the Tulsa Spirit Tours, who has been sharing Tulsa’s colorful past with locals and visitors alike for over a decade. They meet at Foolish Things Coffee where Teri discusses the city’s history, including stories of the Tulsa Race Massacre, serial killers, and prohibition scandals.

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We would like to thank Teri French for sharing stories with us and Foolish Things Coffee for letting us record on their patio.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary (Spoilers)

Our original plan to feature Tulsa was to include it in connection with our Route 66 storyline. However, with logistics and schedules, we made Tulsa its own trip. On the way back home, Jeff and I did take Route 66 with the intent of hoping to get some stories on the way to Chandler from Tulsa. Since it was Sunday, the few towns we did pass through were closed and we had no luck. We may try again next season.

I did reach out to the Cave House and Gilcrease Museum for interviews, but I never heard back. I would love to go back for more personal stories about Tulsa, but Teri did give us a great overview of the city.