This week on Uncovering Oklahoma, I collaborated with Apollo Woods of OKC Black Eats for a mini-series of stories for Black Restaurants Weeks. Since each video averaged 15-minutes, I decided to release the stories throughout a three day period.

We first visited OklaSoul, a restaurant that puts the soul in food; Clean Juice, a juice bar with USDA Certified Organic cold-pressed juice cleanses, smoothies, acai bowls, and more; and ended with Carican Flavors for Caribbean American food in Oklahoma City’s east side.

I loved that we got to showcase a variety of foods. Since Apollo had been doing lots of interviews for the Black Restaurants Weeks event, he wanted to do something different. We did the interviews in the kitchen and even did some cooking at OklaSoul. I especially liked how Sharon of Carican Flavors gave a tour of what she was cooking. The experience has given me some ideas for doing restaurant interviews differently.

I joked on social media that I felt like I made a back-door pilot for Apollo’s own Food Network show. I’m going to edit all three stories together to fit a 30-minute timeslot, hand it over to Apollo, and see what happens. 😎