Danny Vo, an Admin the weekly bike meet-up, Hide and Go Bike, takes me on a bike ride through Oklahoma City visiting his favorite people and places.

We start in the Paseo Arts District with a visit with Andrea Koester of Holey Rollers, a vegan donut/breakfast shop. Next, we visit John Otjen about 30th Street Market, which will be opening soon in the district. We ride over to the Plaza District where Danny chats with Kyle Hix of Hix Design and gets a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio. Danny’s final interview ends Downtown at his favorite liquor store, George’s Liquor, with Cody Wilson showing us what they offer.

Wrapping up the episode, I partake in one of the weekly Thursday night bike rides hosted by Hide and Go Bike. Danny talks about the chill bike ride session and what a ride is like for those interested. All bikes are welcomed!

I had planned to get this episode published way sooner, but when Danny and I were filming the interviews, I realized I had a flat tire and that I left my GoPro at home. Schedules didn’t line up until a few weeks later when I was able to film the last part of the video on Hide and Go Bike. I’m thinking I might have Danny guest host again in the Spring/Summer.

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Happy Adventures!