Kelsey Karper took me on a tour of Factory Obscura’s new immersive art experience, Synesthesia, at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art for Uncovering Oklahoma. Synesthesia is inspired by the prolific and exuberant work of Olinka Hrdy, an art student at the University of Oklahoma from 1923-1928. Synesthesia will ask participants to open their senses and explore what exists between the layers of a Hrdy painting, and what memories live in the spaces in between. What does lavender sound like? What does fuchsia smell like? Answers and exploration await you at the Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art, where admission is always FREE.

In related news, I plan to put together a special story about Factory Obscura’s origins. This documentary will include my previous Uncovering Oklahoma stories about Shift, Beyond, and Mix-Tape phases 1 and 2. This will also include new interviews to connect the stories together.

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