Byrdie’s by Raspberries n’ Creme is a newly opened bakery in Downtown Norman, Oklahoma. The bakery is owned by Nikki Griggs, who has brought her mother’s recipes to Norman. The bakery specializes in homemade desserts, such as macaroons, brownies, cake balls, cookies, and their famous ribbon cake. The ribbon cake is a layered cake made with sour cream white cake, chocolate cake, Italian cream, fresh strawberries, and whipping cream, making it a decadent treat for all.

Byrdie’s also has a birthday and gift section, where customers can find homemade pillows and other gifts to celebrate special occasions. The bakery also offers a grab-and-go lunch area, where customers can order in-house or take away items such as casseroles, soup, salad sandwiches, and other tasty treats.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift or a delicious lunch, Byrdie’s is the perfect place to visit. So, if you’re in the area, head down to Byrdie’s and enjoy a sweet treat today!

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