Apollo Woods of OKC Black Eats guest stars as we travel to three Black-Owned restaurants in Oklahoma City. With the Super Bowl and March Madness coming soon, now is the time to sample some places before ordering big. Join us on this food journey while we show you some amazing food options featuring wings.

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Chef Dee’s Creations

Chef Dee’s Creations is a unique restaurant in Oklahoma City that offers a mixture of Cajun and Creole cuisine. The restaurant’s owner, Dequayon Server, has a passion for cooking and started his journey in the culinary world after driving semi-trucks. He wanted to set himself apart from other restaurants and offer a creative menu that includes not just Cajun and Creole cuisine but also Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, vegan, and other types of food. Chef Dee’s most popular dish is the “sauced up everything” wings, which are crispy and spicy with a homemade ranch remoulade sauce and a sweet chili sauce. He also recommends trying the “sauced up loaded fries” for a complete flavor experience. With its creative menu and unique style, Chef Dee’s Creations is a must-visit destination for food lovers in Oklahoma City.

Wing Supreme

Wing Supreme specializes in serving bold flavored wings. The restaurant was established 34 years ago by Eric Johnson in 1989 when he was an undergrad in college at Howard University in D.C. Eric and his partner at the time wanted to bring something back to their campus and they thought a wing restaurant would be a great opportunity to give back to the Howard University community.

Over the years, Eric has perfected the art of making wings through trial and error. The result is a wide variety of wings, including honey love, southern fried, buffalo lemon pepper, and Parmesan garlic. He wants customers to be able to come to Wing Supreme every day for two weeks and three days and still be able to try another flavor.

What makes Wing Supreme special is its growth in the community and the diversity it brings, attracting customers from all over. The restaurant is focused on customer service, a lost art, and consistency in food quality. Eric wants Wing Supreme to be a place people can come to for generations. With its great customer service, diverse flavors, and focus on consistency, Wing Supreme is a restaurant that you don’t want to miss.

Carican Flavors

Carican Flavors is an authentic Caribbean restaurant located in Oklahoma City that serves a variety of food options, including the famous Hawaiian wings. Owner Sharon McMillan takes pride in the flavors and spices used in her dishes, which are a mix of Caribbean and other cultures. She sources her spices from Hispanic and Vietnamese communities, who carry similar spices used in the Caribbean. To prepare her wings, Sharon marinates the meat overnight to soak in the spices and then oven bakes and finishes them off on the stove with her own homemade barbecue sauce and fresh pineapples.

Sharon’s focus is not only on the flavors but also on providing healthy food options for her customers. She encourages eating greens with the Hawaiian wings, or a balanced meal with the other dishes on the menu. Sharon’s passion for food and making healthy choices shines through in every dish she prepares. Be sure to stop by Carican Flavors for a delicious and healthy meal!

Featured Non-Profit

In addition to highlighting these restaurants, we’re featuring the work of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma serves 53 central and western Oklahoma counties. Just $1 provides 4 meals to Oklahomans living with hunger. Donate today at rfbo.org