Cristela Carrizales guest hosts this episode of Uncovering Oklahoma as she takes us to three of her favorite Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City’s south side. Join us as we visit La Cocina de Doña Nena, Churros Meoqui, and Super Tortas El Chavo.

La Cocina de Doña Nena

The family matriarch who kickstarted the legacy by setting up a table outside her house and selling her homemade dishes, is honored through the name of La Cocina de Doña Nena. Her culinary skills were so magical that everything she touched turned into a crowd-pleaser. All her tacos would be sold out within an hour, and her food was cherished by all. The family migrated from Chalchihuites, Zacatecas, Mexico, 25 years ago. Today, the street stand continues in Zacatecas, managed by her daughter, selling the same food as their Oklahoma restaurant.

Churros Meoqui

Churros Meoqui is renowned for their namesake treat, churros, which are long, deep-fried dough morsels coated in sugar and cinnamon. Churros Meoqui takes pride in its innovative churro offerings, with five unique fillings, including caramel, strawberry, chocolate, cheesecake, and vanilla. The caramel-filled churro is their most popular, captivating customers’ hearts. They continually innovate their offerings, recently adding “healthier” options like fruit-filled churros. Not limited to churros, they serve delectable treats such as a churro with ice cream, churros with fruits, and the elote en vaso, a popular street food made of heated corn with chili, mayonnaise, butter, and cheese served in a cup. In addition, they have a unique potato-on-a-stick dish made using a custom gadget developed by the family, offering a delightful snack. Churros Meoqui’s commitment to innovation and variety is evident in their unique churro offerings and delightful snacks, making it a must-visit destination for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Super Tortas El Chavo

Known far and wide for its specialty tortas, large Mexican sandwiches filled with every kind of meat imaginable. You see families at Super Tortas El Chavo sharing tortas big as their faces, filled with beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, and choice meats including weenie, salchicha, steak, chorizo, and pastor. Their exclusive bread, nowhere else to be found, gives these hefty sandwiches their unique size and character. But it’s not just tortas here; they also serve dishes such as gorditas and huaraches. The huarache, a dish whose base resembles a sandal made of corn masa, is loaded with refried beans, your choice of meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream, and cheese. Whether you’re in the mood for something hearty and filling or something a little lighter, Super Tortas El Chavo has got you covered.

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