Born from the dreams and collections of a group of arcade enthusiasts, Remi’s Arcade & Bistro is a unique fusion of retro gaming and a modern culinary experience that makes it an entertainment gem in Bartlesville.

Not Just an Arcade

Remi’s is more than an arcade. One of the owners highlights how they wanted to ensure that the food was far from an afterthought. The bistro part of Remi’s Arcade & Bistro serves an array of delicious food options. Their most popular item, the Cheddar Bacon Jam burger, boasts a six-ounce locally-raised beef patty topped with house-made bacon jam and cheddar cheese. They also have a Smash Burger named Mario Smash Brother Burger, featuring double smash patties, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and house-made burger sauce. Their menu remains playful while ensuring quality. The bistro takes pride in making its queso in-house with a tequila twist, which, despite being cooked down to be safe for kids, gives it an adult flair.

Craft Cocktails for All

Remi’s Arcade & Bistro also boasts an extensive drink menu. There is no cocktail shaming here, and patrons are encouraged to drink what they like. They offer classics, as well as cocktails named after Oklahoma legends. One of these is the Mabel Fling, named after Mabel, the former property owner of the land on which Remi’s stands. Another must-try is the Ruby Darby, named after a famous Oklahoma vaudeville actress, which is a mix of scotch, house-made honey syrup, lemon juice, allspice syrup, and cherry brandy.

A Place for Everyone

Remi’s ensures inclusivity with something for everyone. All arcade machines are set to free play for patrons who purchase a wristband. Visitors can choose to solely enjoy the gaming, dine, or partake in both. The bistro is family-friendly, but transitions to 21 and up after 8 pm, which the community has embraced, offering an adult play space. Remi’s is also a place for sports enthusiasts, with TVs for those who want to catch the latest game. Additionally, Remi’s holds competitions and offers patrons the chance to see how they stack up against other pinball players. 

Inviting Community

Located in Bartlesville, Remi’s Arcade & Bistro invites everyone to “get back in the game” with them. Whether you’re looking to relive the arcade glory days, indulge in delicious and innovative food, or simply have a great time, Remi’s is a must-visit destination. As the owners say, “Come in and be treated well,” Remi’s Arcade & Bistro takes pride in taking care of its patrons and making sure everyone has a place to belong.

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