Is Milk the Cookie’s best friend, or can craft beer take the title? In the 2024 season premiere of Uncovering Oklahoma, Charn Langford and Mike Groshong try dipping cookies into their beers at Broke Brewing Company.

I recorded this video a few months ago as part of another project. However, as part of an evaluation, I decided to release this as the new year’s first episode. This year also marks 15 years of me doing this show, and so I’m mixing up the format and trying new ways of storytelling. Expect to see more creative episodes this year. The logo has also been updated to reflect the new direction. 

Next week, the guys will taste their beers with Braum’s ice cream to find the best Craft Beer Float. Be sure to subscribe to the Uncovering Oklahoma YouTube channel for the latest content. New episodes are published on Thursdays!

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