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Inside Guthrie Haunts

Insomnia at Guthrie Haunts

John Pagonis talks about his new haunted house attraction, Insomnia, part of the Guthrie Haunts Scaregrounds. Insomnia is their brand new interactive haunt where guests will have to interact with the actors in order to escape.

I filmed this yesterday during my trip to Guthrie. I love getting to see the behind-the-scenes of haunted houses to learn what makes them scary and fun. The video doesn’t contain any spoilers. While in Guthrie, I also did an interview with The Boarding House, which will be next week’s featured video.

Be sure to check my script horror/comedy series, Quarter Minutes.

Vultures in Guthrie

Guthrie Ghosts

Author Jeff Provine shares a collection of ghost stories and urban legends about Guthrie, Oklahoma. Jeff talks about the Lintz Department Store, the Blue Belle Saloon, Miss Lizzie’s, the underground tunnels, the train station, and where to go for ghost tours.

I’ve been sitting on this video for awhile. We filmed this back on July 25th, during a time period where I was filming a segment every day to have a pile of weekly content while I worked on Inviting Art and Yes Science. My backlog for Uncovering Oklahoma is now empty.

While I’m here, Inviting Art has been submitted to OETA’s Greenlight Committee for consideration of air time. It’s also in the process of being uploaded to Amazon for people to watch there. The standard edition on YouTube has professional subtitles now.

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