Join me on a journey through downtown Norman, Oklahoma, as I explore two unique local shops: Studio JBerg and Human Interaction. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Jenny Bergen and Jacob Peregrin take me on a tour of their businesses, providing gift ideas to surprise your loved ones.

Discover the charm of Human Interaction, where Jacob and his wife Amy have created a space that combines locally grown plants, vintage and new pottery, and an array of carefully selected items. From fresh flowers sourced from local farms to unique gift items like cards, stickers, prints, candles, and vintage home decor, Human Interaction is a haven for those seeking a personal touch in their Valentine’s Day gifts.

Next, venture into Studio JBerg with owner Jenny Bergen, a former engineer turned full-time artist. Explore the fine art gallery and boutique that exudes bright colors and positive energy. Jenny showcased a range of Valentine’s Day treasures, including Spiffy and Splendid earrings, Emily Lex Watercolor how-to guides, original hand-drawn stickers, and a captivating collection of art, both new and vintage clothes, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Whether you’re looking for a unique bouquet, vibrant artwork, or personalized gifts, Studio JBerg and Human Interaction offer a local and charming alternative for your Valentine’s Day shopping. Join us on this journey to uncover the hidden gems of downtown Norman and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones! Remember to like, subscribe, and share this video to support local businesses and spread the love.

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