Want to have an adventure in Oklahoma City by yourself without feeling awkward? In this “A Solo Day in OKC” episode of Uncovering Oklahoma, I highlight a full day of activities from morning to night one can enjoy during the winter months. Special guests include Greg Elwell of I Ate Oklahoma, Brett Dickerson of Oklahoma City Free Press, and freelance writer, Heide Brandes, in this packed episode!

The video does clock in at 15-minutes, but there are about a dozen places featured.

Selfie at Elemental Coffee

I filmed the majority of this video last Wednesday where I went from one place to the next on the top of every hour from 9 am to 6 pm. The schedule worked rather well, and I was never late to anything. I had 30 minutes to film and 30 minutes to travel. The part with Danielle talking about the lights I did record at an earlier date, and I did a few pick-up shots the next day, which were the art gallery shout-outs and my introduction – shout to Cayla Lewis for filming me! Other than that, this was pretty much done all in one day.

When I was discussing the idea with some friends, they took to it. If this video does well, which I think it will, I’ll do the same thing for other cities and another one in OKC, but in the Spring/Summer to include outdoor activities.

Greg Elwell wrote a companion article titled, How To Eat Alone, which includes more suggestions on places to eat.

I hope that whatever you do by yourself in Oklahoma City, that you have a great time! If you became a patron, you’ll get early access to future solo day videos and other content. Thank you for watching!