Get to know the major Food Truck Festivals of the 405!

Brian Bergman starts the segment talking about the largest food truck festival of them all, H&8th Night Market. Douglas Sorocco and Graham Colton talk about The Exchange on Film Row. In Downtown Edmond, Jill Castilla talks about Heard on Hurd. Then in Norman, Megan Williams talks about Beats and Bites at Riverwind Casino. Each of them describe their event, their favorite part, and what makes their event unique from others.

To discuss the smaller food truck events, Executive Directors of the Plaza District and Western Avenue Association, Cayla Lewis and Rachael Taylor, respectively, share what else one can find in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro.

Testing the setup for the party

I filmed the part with Cayla and Rachel last night at the private watch party I held for the cast/crew of District Up! I had about a dozen guests able to make it and they all enjoyed it! There’s not much else to talk about the party, but I do want to share off these pictures of the treat setup my wife put together.

2016-06-01 Watch Party for District Up-02
2016-06-01 Watch Party for District Up-03

Next Friday will be the World Premiere! I’m looking forward to it.