“There’s another thing to love about Oklahoma and that’s that we have a really vibrant, really creative, nationally traveling, impactful, and unforgettable improv scene.”

This week for my Uncovering Oklahoma video, I visited OKC Improv to learn about them, what is improv, how improv classes can help you, and how OKC Improv has built a new scene. Interviewed for this video was Cristela Carrizales, Buchanan Vrazel, Clint Vrazel‎, Kendon Lacy, Kyle Gossett, Cory J. Phillips, Jaclyn Cosgrove, and Tiffany Gutierrez.

Want to watch the full show of Bit Sing at OKC Improv? Click here, but fair warning, there is some mature content and language. Learn more, enroll in classes, and buy tickets at okcimprov.com.

Cristela commented on Facebook saying, “Top notch job Dennis Spielman. I think I teared up a bit….” It really is an impactful video, which is something I’m aiming to do more of for Uncovering Oklahoma this year.