Art’s Not Trendy!

Presented by Downtown OKC Inc, Inviting Art is my feature-length documentary that discusses Oklahoma City’s art scene. The film explores the impact of the arts, showcases examples of art in the city, and shares advice from artists in a story to inspire and invite more art.

Inviting Art the focal piece on my series stories highlighting art in OKC, which have included videos on Oklahoma Contemporary, IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Current Studio, The Underground, and Make It Rain Poems. With the support of Downtown OKC in connection with Inviting Art, several Artist Statement Minutes were released about art in the downtown area, which included Amanda Zoey’s Wild Illuminate, Leigh Martin’s Contained Aesthetics, J. NiCole Hatfield and Steven Grounds’ Strength of the Woman, Kelsey Karper and romy owens’ Golden Hour, Don Narcomey’s Roots, and Jason Pawley’s Cultivation.

The movie is currently in the process of being reviewed by those involved for feedback and approval. The current length of the completed cut stands at 72-minutes! Things may get added and things may get cut before the final release, which I’m aiming for an August release. There will be a release screening of the film at a to be determined location along with a Midnight Toast celebration at Ludivine.

If you want to watch the preview, I’ve shared it on my Patreon page for all of my supporters. Plus, if you become a patron now and you’re still one when I release the film, I’ll include your name in the credits too!

Updates to come. I hope you enjoyed this teaser trailer!