Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District has been struck by terrestrial gamma-rays, transforming RIVERSPORT into RIVERSCREAM. Help contain the zombies before they escape and terrorize the city by maneuvering the challenges on the six-story Sky Trail to find explosive transformers proven to reverse the effects of the gamma-rays.

Mike Knopp, OKC Boathouse Foundation Executive Director; and John Riggs, Senior Director, Operations and Events share what courageous citizens can do at the family-friendly RIVERSCREAM on Fridays and Saturdays in October.

I had fun filming this story on Friday. I believe it was Mike’s idea to have a zombie in the background for the interview and it was my suggestion that the zombie attacks him at the end. I’m happy with the creepy fog shots I was able to obtain. With my camera, I couldn’t harness up and do the sky trail, however, there was a spiral staircase that I was able to use and get some great shots. As both Mike and John said in the video, climbing the sky trail at night is a different experience.

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