“The Stone Lion Inn Bed & Breakfast in Guthrie, Oklahoma has been featured in numerous books and TV series for its ghost stories. Sam and Geoff team up with The Okie Show Show podcast to check out the paranormal activity in a place that the owner refers to as being “a house with issues.”

Inside the Stone Lion Inn - photo by Dennis Spielman

Do I have some behind-the-scenes stories for you about this episode! This whole visiting the Stone Lion Inn was an idea from Brian of the Okie Show Show. He thought it would be fun to do a crossover episode where we would be in character for his show. Since it’s established that Tales Unveiled is a podcast in the show itself, it was natural to work everything in. When recording with them, both Jeff and I would’ve made some jokes, but we held back to keep in character. It was a fun episode to record with a dynamic contrast to our seriousness with the Okie Show Show’s comedy.

True story: The scene with the front door being locked really did happen. However, that’s not the only spooky thing to happen to us.

There are some differences between our two episodes. In Tales Unveiled, we have a prologue with Geoff and Sam exploring the house. The introduction to the interview on Okie Show Show is different than how it happened with Brian leading the discussion. In Tales Unveiled, we stopped recording after the ghost stories, however, the interview continues in Okie Show Show with them talking about making movies at the Stone Lion Inn.

The last scene of the Okie Show Show interview has all of us trying to talk with the spirits in the dark. Being in character, I kept saying there was no such thing as ghosts. When the lights turned on, one of the bulbs burst as if it were a sign. Brain did record this on video if you dare to watch it.

Tales Unveiled is a production of The Show Starts Now Studios and is produced by me, Dennis Spielman. The voice of Sam Saxton is Dennis Spielman. The voice of Professor Geoff DeRoot is Jeff Provine. Featuring Brain, Laney, Nicholas, and Rebecca as themselves.

Want to solve a murder mystery or stay the night at the Stone Lion Inn for yourself? Visit www.StoneLionInn.com for more information.

For Okie Show Show’s side of the story, check out the Okie Show Show wherever you get your podcasts.

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