In this in-depth Uncovering Oklahoma episode, Jabee and Dana Gillett interview the people behind Parlor OKC and its restaurant concepts in Automobile Alley. They visit with Burger Pig, El Guate, Graffiti, Mother Clucker, Pachinko Parlor, Providence Pizza, and Sura Eats, as well as Parlor’s lead bartender, Katie Prouty.

I took what learned from filming my episode on The Collective and sought to make this one better. Trying to interview everyone in one day wasn’t going to work, so I broke this into two days. For variety, pacing, and scheduling, Dana interviewed everyone on the bottom floor while Jabee took care of the second. Dana and I spent four hours while Jabee and I spent two. Technically, I spent more than two days filming as there’s also b-roll from my various visits, like the media preview event. I could’ve used more b-roll, which I didn’t realize what I was missing until editing it this week and I wanted to get it out today. Originally, I wanted to release it last week, but I had the flu and I didn’t get much of anything done.

Overall, I’m happy with how well this episode turned out! I think it’s an improvement over my last food hall themed episode, but we’ll see how it performs.

I hope you enjoy this 25-minute long episode of Uncovering Oklahoma.