In the season finale of Tales Unveiled, Sam and Geoff interview Dani and Whitney from the podcast Creepy Caffeine. Whitney and Dani share their paranormal experiences about Shawnee and the USS Batfish. Later, Sam and Geoff meet an individual calming to be George Grayson who requires an item in the professor’s possession.

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I’m proud to have brought your season two of Tales Unveiled, along with my co-host, Jeff Provine as the voice of Professor Geoff DeRoot. Thanks to Whitney and Dani from Creepy Caffeine for sharing stories with us in this episode. The voice of George Grayson was David Moxley.

Behind the Scenes Commentary

We started the second season on Friday the 13th and we’ve ended it on Friday the 13th with 14 total episodes. That alone was fun to pull off. This whole season has been exciting traveling all over Oklahoma for ghost stories. We’ve been featured in publications and podcast collections this year, averaging over 1,000 downloads per episode. 

Mirroring reality, Jeff has been busy grading papers and dealing with finals. I was hoping to schedule an interview with owners of Gabriella’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria in Oklahoma City and tie the George Grayson meeting there, but they never responded to my request for an interview. With time running short and Jeff’s limited time, I reached out to Creepy Caffeine to hear their personal stories. I’ve been waiting to collaborate with them for some time and I figured now would be perfect. We did record at Jeff’s office for that interview. 

For the George Grayson scene, we used the recording studio space at the new Norman public library. As described in the narrative, I attached Rode Go mics to Jeff and myself to give us that spy recording sound. Jeff and I filled David in on the backstory we’ve been creating for Grayson. We outlined the plot points we wanted to hit and improvised the whole scene. I thought it would be funny that Grayson actually says the professor’s name correctly, so we worked that in.

Since there are many more places with ghost stories in Oklahoma and Jeff is still researching for his book about Oklahoma’s ghosts, we do have plans for a third season. The plan is to start recording in January with a fall release on a weekly schedule. If you become a patron supporter, you’ll get super early access to new episodes.