Ander Cardinale was born in Mexico City in 1984. He began working with toys at a young age and his family and teachers quickly recognized his talent. He studied architecture in Puebla, Mexico, and after graduating, he began exploring the world while he was working for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando and Paris. In 2015, he moved to Oklahoma to live with the love of his life. 

Cardinale’s work is characterized by its use of bright colors and bold shapes. His art is playful and cheerful. He paints, illustrates, and sculpts, but his favorite medium is toys. Cardinale is a self-taught artist, very passionate about his work, and is committed to using toys to explore important social issues. He believes that toys can be a powerful tool for change and hopes that his work will inspire others to be loving and empathetic to make the world a better place. He is influenced by various artists, including Walt Disney, Alexander Calder, Ruth Handler, Lauren Faust, and Miss Mindy.

His work has been featured in various venues in Norman, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the Art of Toys Museum in Sacramento, California, and at Disney’s D23 Expo 2019 in Anaheim, California. He is currently working on a series of toys representing the importance of love, dreams, diversity, and inclusion.

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